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Numerology connects numbers with astrology. By figuring out what your (or others) numbers are, doing a bit of math, and aligning those stars, you can determine a great deal about your future. Personal Numerologist was designed for those who take numerology seriously. In fact, an actual numerologist designed this program. Using Personal Numerologist is simple enough if you are familiar with numerology, but might prove to be more difficult if you do not know much about this method.


As mentioned, this program is really for those who already know a bit about numerology. If you aren’t sure about numbers, all of those numbers included in the program might not make much sense. Then again, this program does come with a Help file that’s useful and you can check out some details about the program on the developer’s website.

Extra Features

This numerology tool includes over 1000 different number sequences that users can input. In addition, various charts including yearly, love, and others are all packed into this program.

Main Function

Personal Numerologist will allow you to determine your fate using numerology numbers. While it might take awhile to grasp the concept of numerology, using this program will make figuring out all of those details a bit easier. Since a numerologist developed this program, it is one of the better numerology programs available.


If you’re serious about numerology, Personal Numerologist is worth the $24.95 cost. This program does come with a free trial, which is recommended for those who aren’t sure that numerology is the right route to take.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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